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The New Significance » Video » Yiorgos Bakalis: Hungry Men

Yiorgos Bakalis: Hungry Men

Source: The New Significance

By Yiorgos Bakalis:

Capitalism has collapsed, and fat people have been driven out of society… a few of them,all living in the same house, form a revolutionary group without meaning. An anonymous, fat man lives above them. Their rent is collected by Nancy, a beautiful state official who has a double role. Everything changes when the leader of the group decides to eat the state officer for the cause of the revolution. Only one person in the house, who is asked to write the manifesto, knows about the leader’s plan. The tension between the two, the role of the mysterious fat man, and his relationship with the state officer will lead to an unexpected decision …

Stathis Stamoulakatos
Ermandos Soussis
Spiros Grammenos
Alexandros Parissis
Vaggelis Alexandris
Dimitris Kapetanakos
Iliana Mauromati

Script,director Yiorgos Bakalis
Assistant Director,executive producer Spiros Kastanas
Director of photography,montaz Aggelos Matzios
Set designer Maria Papadopoulou
Costumer Aspasia Mpota
Sound Design Vaggelis Lympouridis,Nkos Karavas
Music Alexis Grapsas


Scenes from the movie

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