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Perhaps you found TNS through a Google search, word-of-mouth, Twitter, a friend emailed you the link, or shared it on Facebook or other social media. Regardless, you found something interesting about this web magazine and now you are thinking about supporting this effort. Great! Perhaps it is the look or headlines that piqued your curiosity. But digging a little deeper and coming back over time — you will soon find that TNS offers much more.

Although it is currently impossible for TNS to produce content on the same scale as The New York Times, or most other mainstream outlets, TNS content has a fundamentally different quality that we think is of very high social value and, therefore, worthy of your support. Mainstream media aim to provide an understanding of the world that reinforces dominant perceptions held by rulers and the ruled — providing rationale for accepted unequal positions in society, whether due to race, class, gender, sexuality, or decision-making power. TNS aspires to something new and different. Here at TNS, it is assumed that people have the ability to self-consciously control their own lives in concert with others. However, the ultimate realization of this objective involves providing a new understanding that is different from the dominant perception. It involves critiquing, analyzing, theorizing, and understanding modes of rule that define our lives and society — and efforts to resist and transform them. This includes serious consideration of ideas, social and material relations, culture, and the outcomes produced and reproduced by society’s defining institutions across all spheres of life. TNS uses modern digital and web technologies to publish and distribute news, commentary, analysis, theory, art, pop-and-non-pop culture, reviews, and much more, for this purpose. TNS content will use this digital medium to explore past and current events along with today’s revolutionary forces, exploring possibilities for a society that is autonomous, self-managing, classless, and participatory.

Do you have more questions about or need help with making a donation? Please visit the TNS subscription help page. For questions or comments other than donations view our general contact page.


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